Arrival (2016) 10/10

Arrival (2016) 

*Highly Recommendeda2
The film was surreal I can’t even discern fiction and reality from this piece (the thought of the possibilities in the film, it seems real like it could happen in the future) it is in fact mind blowing and it is without a doubt breathtaking.

The cliche concept of “alien invasion” is completely changed into a more positive attack to begin with, it is not your another average alien movie— everything is new.

I adore how it delicately unfold every details as if you were solving the puzzle with Amy. Different emotions was successfully linked with it’s intense transition of scenes, I admire that kind of edit as its cuts elicit various kind of emotions. Also, the cinematography intensify every plot as well as the music, it is heavy and dark but mostly it uses ambient noise which makes it more realistic, dramatic and thrilling.
One of the good thing about this film is how it converts people into thinking on focusing on Aliens first like how it would do to humanity but the film turns out to have a very substantial message about humanity. How will you compensate for the building up of our humanity.
Well, I can say that it is less complicated compared to Interstellar it is more vague in terms of the concept of “time”.
Speaking of great performance, Amy is brilliant just like the film per se she is raw and natural. This is her film, she polished everything including the intelligence and empathy of her character.
I think the director solved his films by dealing with common themes and turning it into incredible piece of art.


Maybe in the future, we don’t know.


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