Carol (2015) 10/10

CAROL (2015)

*HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDcarol4This is my favorite film of 2016. If you can glance on my film diary, well it’s full of Carol on it. I watched it plenty of times already!

I must say it is a lesbian film that feels good in a right way when you watched it, despite of the said social and political issues inside the film. However, it was rectified by Dir. Todd Haynes that this is made for aesthetics and romance it is better to leave political issues outside the line. Audience have their own principle of thinking so it is best just to let it be their own interpretations even if it is concerning with political or social issues.

It is a romance, rather a wonderful, beautiful love between a two women whom welcomed by love at first sight. The adoration all started when their eyes met in just a second and everything just fall into place. I admire the writing of Patricia Highsmith, the plot was subtle and perfectly intense in some point;  and to the wonderful screenplay by Phyllis Nagy the whole experience was extremely remarkable. We sympathizes with the two protagonists whose love is dependent to what society thinks and that is their love is immoral, because Haynes brought us to his 50’s world with lesbian romance that you wouldn’t imagine to witness because of it’s exquisite visual literacy.  AND in the 50’s homosexuality is a disease that is needed to be cured.

If you have watched Brief Encounter (1946), you might have noticed some similarities between the two especially their plot structure and also the immoral love that both of the protagonist acquired. I also recommend it, it is tragic for a love affair –lol.

Many had spoken that this is the first lesbian film that obtain a happy ending, as they proclaim it. Yes, I absolutely agree on that on the other hand, in my opinion the reason why they proposed this kind of notion is because they exposed an open ending. There are several ideas that pursue that Carol is definitely a happy ending for a lesbian film because there’s this feeling that you foresee that there is still hope for love—there is always a second chance.

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara was incredibly phenomenal. They have this perfect chemistry which made the film romantic without trying hard. While watching the film, I never feel like looking in a lesbian film but instead I just witnessed how two people falls in love in an instant. They deserved every award and recognitions they received.

I truly believed that this film was heartbreaking and subtle at the same time. I adore how Haynes organized every scenes very carefully; especially when he used the tricky structure of Brief Encounter whereas the first and last scene of the film was indeed similar but with different intentions.

He let the audience to feel innocent in the first scene at the Ritz Hotel but when we finally came to the last part we ought to feel a different emotion as we already catched what is already happening and what is just happened between them, it becomes more intense and dramatic compared to the first time it is shown. Specifically, when Carol stated “I love you” you can feel how genuine and sad it was.

I also noticed how the film evolves from the point of view of Therese into Carol. The first scenes focus on the qualities of Carol and how Therese’s adoration with her developed so it is Therese’s point of view presented on the first several plots. And then it changes to Carol’s point of view, when the plot focuses on how Carol’s life has changed when she left Therese and how she took the first move to see Therese and hoping for a second chance with her. But Therese doesn’t want to take another risk with her since Carol had broken her heart for the first time. However, love will always find it ways to connect you to the one you truly love and who genuinely loves you.

Final thoughts, I did not see this film as a lesbian film because of its strong universality.