Mon Oncle (1958) 10/10

Mon Oncle (1958)

*Highly Recommendedmon oncle.jpg

This is one of my favorite comedy film, first of all it has great humor as it uses the intelligent concept of architecture. The picture is meticulous as it simultaneously coordinate with its balanced sounds. Naturally, some viewers may find it boring and bland considering the subtle look of the film notwithstanding the comic facade of the film solves its flat qualities. You will get the idea of colored pictures in the 50’s that they are usually thriving in terms of depicting what the modern society might look like.

He also correlated the non-modern society and modern aspect of human life. One of the perspective that I admire from this film was the positive insight on how you live your life, if you turn out to be more balance with people; moreover, you are mostly dependent to what society tells you.

However, when you consider greeting life just how Jacques Tati has worked on, the probability of enjoying anything you have on your current status in life is one of the tip to have an an amazing life especially if you are with people you love to be with.

The thought of “control” was being pointed within. How the parents has a control of their child’s happiness as well as how they manipulate their home when they have visitors (to impress or to boast how rich they are). The manifestation of how technology makes life easier but created a complicated matter inside their home. It achieved a brilliant comedy as clever as the technical built of sounds and camera works, movements and a balance performance from Jacques Tati.

He does have some kind of resemblance of Charlie Chaplin.