Lalaland (2016) 10/10

Lalaland (2016), 10/10

*Highly RecommendedLa_La_Land_-_Official_Stills_-_Courtesy_of_28c29_LIonsgate_-_005.jpeg
I should tell you, it is a masterpiece and it achieved a modern musical film. It reminds me of “Singing in the rain” but it is more realistic and definitely breathtaking picture.
The camera works is very magical, flexible, perfect for the story, I admire how despicable it is but is unique, intelligent and emotional–uses the beauty of long takes.
The cuts were musically inspired, every beat of the music transpires simultaneously. The classic transitions was applied marvelously.

The choreography of both music and dance is magnificent! It is in fact dreamy, gorgeous and definitely soaring.
Well, I love how the lines were strikingly beautiful as well as the acting performances. I noticed the chemistry of the two, they are their own roles. Emma Stone who got me laughing and crying at the same time, Ryan Gosling who is completely handsome and composed just exactly his character. How genuine their acting performance is. The best part is when they argue during their dinner and I could say that that scene is legit. You know when the argument is real if both person couldn’t even look at each other’s eyes. Well, they’ve done that pretty successful maybe you’ve noticed it too how they’re trying to avoid each other’s gazes. When the situation of both parties were at fault that means they are sad and ashamed of what brought them to be in that complicated relationship. They love each other though, that’s why they are afraid to hurt each other but by not realizing it they already hurting each other. It is already shown from their own eyes.
The production design is successful and perfect — every hard work is exquisite. Considering the colors and the touch of the 80’s conspires with the passionate hearts of both of the protagonist. Sebastian who loves jazz music, who dreamt to have his own jazz club to save jazz music from dying. Mia, she admires the 50’s actress Ingrid Bergman. I love how Damien Chazelle created unique characters with the passion for the classics.

The plot is smoothly written, it is romantic and really inspiring. (I can’t composed any good words for the structure of this film, but 100% inspiring.)

  • The whole film inspired people to do the things that they love to do, to pursue the dreams despite of plenty of obstacles on the way. You’re a fool to continue that dream but in this story, all will become possible at the right moment.

The thing is you need to keep going even if it’s tiring and depressing sometimes, always remember that you will get there soon. You have your own time.